A mother delivered her own baby after watching a video tutorial on youtube!

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  A young mom, 22yr old, Tia Freeman delivered her own baby in a hotel room was forced to watch a youtube video tutorial for guidance. She had no choice, but since her 17-hour stopover in Istanbul. As she flew to Germany for the Holiday from her home in Nashville, Tennessee - now returning home with a Newborn SON. 

Her amazing real life story was shared on Twitter, she explained how she had no idea that she was pregnant until she had passed the six-month mark, but decided to go ahead with her holiday, assuming the baby would be born after she got home.  

 Tia Freeman


However, she went into labor on her flight out of the US - but wrongly believed her stomach flu had to be symptoms of food poisoning after eating Salmon during her in-flight meal. 

Arriving at Istanbul airport and being trapped in a "chaotic" customs queue, she realised that her baby was coming. She was determined not to give birth at the airport.




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